Every day inspiration

Things I’m good at

I’m pretty good at playing piano as long as its in the key of C.
I use to be good at guitar, mandolin, bass, etc.
I’m good at singing
I’m good at listening
Im good at being compassionate
Im good at showing passion
Im good at giving love

Things I’ve learned

think before I speak
don’t live in the past
forgive yourself, then others
Tell those you love that you love them and tell them often
don’t allow anyone else to tell you wether or not your saved
don’ t allow fear to run your life
don’t allow anyone else to steer your ship

things I like

My wife (I love)
my kids (I love)
my grandkids (I love)
warm weather
country music
christian music
Garth Brooks
Rascal Flatts
my dog
That I now know who I am and where Im from and I don’t let any of the things on my lists define me and I will keep working to improve myself along lives journey until I finish this journey and return to my true home.

Things I wish

I was a better son, dad, husband
I wish I would have pursued a music career
I wish I would have loved deeper, spoke sweeter, and gave forgiveness I ve been denying. (Thanks Tim Mcgraw)
I wish I could have been with my dad one last time before he passed but thank the good lord I can still talk with him every day.
the same for my older sister.

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