Here you will find the latest information on my books

So you may have read my post where I said that I am not an author and that immediately after the completion of my first book, ” Into the Light” Journey Home
God began working on me to begin a new work. Like a child who gets told no, my first reaction was anger and frustration because the first book took me five years to complete. And then using his loving kind still small voice he showed me what was on his heart for the second book. I melted like a stick of butter in a red hot skillet.
You see he wanted and still wants me to write not about me but about him. He wants me to type every single word that he says just as he says it and in so doing, he wants to convey to you, all of you, his people exactly how deeply and how much he loves each and every one of you. Now there just aren’t words to say something that is this important
For those of you heading for the back door, relax. This is not, repeat is not an alter call. He just wants everyone to know what his love feels like and how it can change you forever.

This next book is called, “You are Loved” and I hope to have it done in months instead of years.